Accomplish more downhole with advanced liner hanger systems

Tieback Mill Assembly

Get more from your wellbore investment

Our Tieback Mill Assembly incorporates two mills for preparing an existing liner top to accept a tieback seal stem.

Innovative Features    

  • Bronze lower mill polishes tieback ID without damaging the seal bore surface            
  • Top mill removes undesirable cement at liner top; shapes tieback sleeve for seal stem stabbing         
  • Drill pipe connection enables cleanout workstring and bit to be run inside liner top during tieback cleanout
Tieback Sleeve ID (in.) Top Dress Mill OD (in.) Polishing Mill OD (in.) Top Connection (in.) Bottom Connection (in.)
5.750 5.190 3-1/2 IF 3 Stub Acme
5.500 5.750 5.440 3-1/2 IF 3 Stub Acme
5.750 6.325 5.690 3-1/2 IF 3 Stub Acme
7.375 8.250 7.315 4-1/2 IF 4-1/4 Stub Acme
7.625 8.250 7.565 4-1/2 IF 4-1/4 Stub Acme