Accomplish more downhole with advanced liner hanger systems

Dual Wiper Plug

Boost cement slurry integrity

Dual wiper plugs substantially increase cement slurry integrity by providing a barrier on each end of the cement slurry while the cement is pumped through the casing. Two drill pipe darts are incorporated to provide a protective barrier for the cement in the workstring while wiping the inside of the workstring. The darts then launch the appropriate casing wiper plug.

Innovative Features

  • Barrier protects cement slurry, lead and follow
  • Indication of when lower plug hits landing collar and circulates
  • Mostly composite material provides reliability, effective drill-out
  • Reduced elastomer on wipers improves drill-out
  • Latch-down nose holds differential pressure from below
Liner / Casing (in.) Minimum ID (in.) Top Dart No-Go (in.) Lower Dart No-Go (in.) Bump Pressure (psi)
9-5/8 & larger 2.313 2.500 2.370 4,000