Accomplish more downhole with advanced liner hanger systems

DH-2 Liner Running Tool

Double the torque for confident drill-down

The industry’s only liner running tool to accommodate 130,000 ft. lbs. of push, the DH-2 liner running tool will help you confidently drill down or ream the liner to the desired depth. The liner may be pushed, pulled and rotated while running into the hole without fear of releasing prematurely.

Innovative Features

  • 130,000 ft. lbs. of push
  • Pressure-balanced activating lock sleeve prohibits premature release during ream-down
  • Primary hydraulic release
  • Secondary mechanical release
  • Large ID for increased surge reduction


The DH-2 running tool is released through hydraulic activation with right-hand workstring rotation (primary) or through torque activation (secondary). Circulation pressure cannot cause premature release.