Accomplish more downhole with advanced liner hanger systems


Liner hangers that are engineered to excel.

Any well condition, anywhere in the world.

At Allamon, we have engineered our portfolio of advanced liner hanger systems to excel in today’s complex onshore wells, and high pressure high temperature (HPHT) wells. Wherever excellence is required, we respond with products that deliver maximum performance and superior cost-efficiencies.

Designed smarter to help you work smarter.

Advanced design is at the heart of our liner hanger systems’ performance. Our premium 6-slip design that expands hanging load limits for special applications allows you to load more. Our wiper plugs with five fins wipe the casing more effectively. And our rigid four fin drill pipe darts save both time and costs by allowing you to stop work, reinstate with water and start again. All of which enables you to work smarter, safer and more cost effectively.

We build them. We back them.

The true proof of a product’s worth is how it performs under pressure. Our liner hangers have achieved a 95% success rate for customers in the harshest environments. Built in our own manufacturing facility, they are fully tested and design verified to assure performance you can depend on, every time.

Customized confidence at every well.

We know that every well, every challenge is different. That’s why we custom design our Eagle hydraulic and mechanical liner hangers to your exact needs and not just provide an off-the-shelf solution.

How confident are we of our liner hanger systems? With Allamon, you’ll never be asked to pay for a product that doesn’t perform as described. You have our word on it.