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Premium Slip Hydraulic Hangers with 15K Liner Top Packer prohibit premature release during ream-down in the Permian Basin, WEST TEXAS


When a major operator drilling horizontal wells in the Permian Basin ran up against problems with running liner hangers provided by another supplier, they turned to Allamon Tool to solve the problem. In this shale field, the client needed to run a liner hanger system that would provide a robust liner packer option that could withstand a minimum of 20 high pressure frack stages in wells with laterals that ranged from 7,000 ft. to 11,000 ft. Prior to contacting Allamon Tool for the job, the client first examined ATC liner hangers and saw how our unique design would deliver the most advantages and ultimately, be the best solution for the challenge.


Allamon Tool responded to the challenge with its ATC Premium Slip Hydraulic Hangers with 15K Liner Top Packer. Ideal for heavy and ultra-heavy liners that may require hole reaming to get them to bottom, the hanger mandrel design with the liner connection pin part of the mandrel, eliminates multiple casing threads, reducing leak paths and lowering costs. To ream the liner to the desired depth, Allamon utilized its DH2 Running tool featuring a pressure-balanced activating lock sleeve that prohibits premature release during ream-down.

With all service work done by the experts at Allamon Tool, ATC products beat the performance standard with only five failures out of 500 hangers and a packer test success rate of 97%. As a result of the job, Allamon has become an ongoing resource for the client.