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increased hanging load limits with Allamon's premium slip hydraulic hanger in SOUTH LOUISIANA


Because liner hangers have to suspend, support, seal and anchor, their performance and reliability are critical to success. Unfortunately for a major operator in South Louisiana, the liner hangers provided by a competitor failed. The competitor’s packers didn’t test and the running tools were released prematurely. This area is known for having difficult wellbore environment, where operators have to go through multiple depleted zones to get to the reservoir. Because of depletion rates it is very difficult to hang the liner hangers successfully. The challenge was clear, but so was the solution for Allamon Tool.


Allamon solved the situation with the ATC 10K premium slip hydraulic hanger. With six slips versus the conventional three slips, it increases hanging load limits for special applications and allowed the client to load more. The pocketed slips of the hanger reduced risk of damage during installation and reaming and its semi-slip feature provided better initial bite and better load disbursement. Allamon used its DH1 liner running tool for the job with pressure-balanced activating lock sleeve, which prohibits release during ream-down.

Once again, the results achieved were superior with a success rate of 16 out of 18 liner hangers hung. Since this first job with the client, Allamon has been running all of the client’s liners.