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Allamon's premium slip hydraulic set liner delivers a low-cost rotating option in the Woodford Shale, OKLAHOMA


The complex structural geology and mineralogy of the Woodford Shale can have a major impact on horizontal drilling, completion design and ultimately well productivity. With regards to liner hangers, this area requires a slip hanger that can rotate in order to achieve a better cement job. Faced with this challenge, a major operator called on Allamon Tool to provide a solution they could count on to perform. The solution would need to handle high compression and be able to deliver the push required to get to depth.


Allamon Tool responded with the new ATC ‘RWC’ premium slip hydraulic set liner hanger with ECS liner packer and RWC rotating assembly. This hanger provides a reliable solution when washing and reaming is required to get the liner to bottom and rotation during cementing is desired. The liner hangers were run in combination with Allamon’s DH-2 running tool which is capable of handling 150k compression and is the industry’s first liner running tool to accommodate 130,000 lbs. of push to drill down or ream the liner to the depth wanted by the client. With the hanger set and the running tool released, the hanger can be rotated during the cementing process.

The results? Allamon Tool achieved a 19 out of 20 success rate in hanging the liners and a 100% success rate on the packer tests.