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Custom liner hangers achieve high success rates during horizontal drilling in the Haynesville Shale, EAST TEXAS


Located in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas, the Haynesville Shale has been the focus of a great deal of horizontal drilling activity. In this area, longer laterals and higher mud weights were two of the main challenges faced by an Allamon Tool client. To help ensure their challenge was efficiently addressed, the client asked Allamon for a custom 4 ½” X 7” liner hanger that would work in the 29-32 lb. range. While the industry makes a liner hanger 7” that goes from 26 lb. to 32 lb., Allamon Tool goes further, making not only a 26 lb. to 32 lb. version, but a 20 lb. to 26 lb. version that helps avoid packer problems.


Allamon Tool delivered custom ATC 4 ½ X 7 Premium Slip Hangers that distributed casing stress approximately 2.2 times more efficiently than a Conventional Dual Cone Hanger, and generated less hook stress to hold more. Allamon set the hanger with a ball seat in the running tool and not down the liner in the landing collar. This put less surge on the formation when the ball seat was pulled. Run in combination with the DH-1 liner running tool, the liner was drilled down with the workstring in compression and released hydraulically.

On this job, Allamon supplied liner hangers for several hundred wells for the client and achieved a 92% success rate versus the industry average of 70%.